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Weather - Sedona

It is riding season all year in Sedona! Although the best months to visit are March through May and September through November, Sedona’s trails and roads are open and rideable almost every day of the year.

Late winter through mid-spring is ideal for trail and road riding. The temperatures are unbeatable and the trails are most likely retaining some moisture from winter storms making the traction perfect.

Although summer temps can easily top 100 degrees in the middle of the day, the high-desert mornings are cool and perfect and afternoon rainstorms keep the trail surfaces firm.

Fall is one of Sedona’s best-kept secrets. The daytime temps moderate from their summer highs and fewer folks tend to visit this time of year. Fewer visitors = more trails to yourself!

Winter can bring snow accumulations and rain, but rarely are the trails unrideable for more than a few days. The road riding is great in the winter as well as passing weather fronts bring ever changing scenery to the desert skies and red rocks.