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Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association Certified

Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association Certified

The Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association

Professional Bicycle Mechanic Certification Project

We are committed to continued education at Absolute Bikes so we can provide the best service to our valued customers. Our mechanics and staff attend manufacturer's trainings, but we have also partnered with the Professional Bike Mechanic Association. PBMA is providing professional training workshops that encompass all manufacturers in one 27-hour training. Our service managers are all PMBA certified.

PBMA has also created the first third-party certification process for the cycling industry. Why is third-party certification important? Until now we have only had a multitude of second party certification. Second party certification is when a company or training provider creates its own verification program for candidate certification. Third-party certification verifies that a product, process or service meets defined, industry-independent criteria or standards as reviewed by an impartial party. PMBA requires mechanics to pass an online assessment before taking an in-person test. The practical test is focused on technique, torque, and precision. Most of our mechanics are PBMA certified mechanics.