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Included with your Bicycle Purchase

Included with your Bicycle Purchase

When you buy a bike from us, you aren’t just getting a bunch of bolted-together parts.

Thorough assembly

We take great pride in our thorough assembly process. Most bikes come to bike shops partially assembled. Some shops are satisfied with just bolting the remaining bits on, checking a few adjustments and selling the bike to you.

We basically disassemble, inspect and grease, (or Loctite, Ti-prep or carbon paste as appropriate), all of the parts on the bikes we sell. In addition, we use special tools, like tensiometers when we true wheels and torque wrenches when we tighten bolts on lightweight components, to ensure that your bike is properly assembled to manufacturer specifications.

Every bike we sell is checked-over twice after initial assembly before you take it home.

Free basic fit

Every time you test ride a bike with us, we will do a quick basic fit. We will put the bike up on a trainer and adjust saddle height, saddle fore-aft and swap stems as necessary to tune the handlebar position. Once you decide on a bike, we will dial in that fit for you. If you require a more comprehensive fit, we offer Specialized BG Fitting service. The BG Fit service is included with the purchase of bikes over $5000. See here for more info on our fitting services.

Free Check-overs

Over the first year that you own your bike, we include three free check-overs. It is our intent to be sure that your bike is settling in properly and to give you some free service with your new bike. We really want your ride to be great! If your bike works well, you are more apt to ride it and wear stuff out. The more stuff you wear out over the years, the more we will get to sell you stuff!

A word of warning. Some bike shops offer “free lifetime check-overs/tune-ups”. We offer free lifetime service with your bike purchase, but we don’t call that service a “tune-up” or “check-over”. We don’t think that checking tire and shock pressure, lubing your chain and quickly wiping a bike off with a rag qualifies as a “tune-up” or “check-over”; that’s just being friendly to a good customer. As we point out, if a shop sold only one bike a day on the average, within a few years, all they would be doing is free tune-ups or check-overs. Our tune-ups and check-overs are time-intensive, guaranteed work that will make you bike work better and last longer. Don’t be fooled by the old sales-pitch of “free lifetime tune-ups”!

 BroBuddy Rebate Program

Most bikes we sell will get you qualified, or near qualified, for our BroBuddy Rebate Program.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

We sell bikes for a living, but we chose to sell bikes because we love cycling and want you to love cycling as much as we do. If anything we do does not meet your expectations, please let us know. We will do anything in our power to keep you stoked on riding!