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Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the natural world. Since it is a National Park, there are very few opportunities for mountain biking, as mountain biking is not permitted in most National Parks. The Grand Canyon South Rim is roughly 1.5 hours of driving from Flagstaff.

That said, a bicycle is a great way to get from and to Tusayan and around the South Rim Grand Canyon Village, as there are many multi-use paths and roads where bicycles are permitted. Traffic congestion can get pretty bad at the Canyon in the prime seasons, so a bike might be faster than a car, and an infinitely more enjoyable way to get around. Because of traffic and lane widths, we don’t recommend road riding on the road between Grand Canyon Village and Desert View.

If you are visiting the South Rim area of Grand Canyon and want to rent bikes to get around and ride some of the pathways and roads there, we recommend contacting Bright Angel Bikes.

Bright Angel Bikes provide high-quality bikes for rent and they will equip you with all the safety equipment and maps required to help you have a memorable, enjoyable experience. They offer a variety of different sizes to accommodate the whole family. Their bicycles are very user-friendly, featuring a simple twist gear shift mechanism that easily allows any user to freely control the bicycle. To assist in the family ride, we also offer Burley pull behind child trailers and Adams tag-along child cycles. We also provide tricycles and wheelchairs! If you are looking for a guided tour, they offer 4 departure times daily. The Hermit Road tour is a 5.5-mile cruise departing at 10 AM and 3 PM. Their newest addition is the 5-mile ride to Yaki Point, featuring the newly finished Greenway trail. Departure times are 10 AM and 3 PM.

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon does afford some mountain bike friendly opportunities. Be aware that it takes roughly 4.5 hours to drive to the North Rim of Grand Canyon from either Flagstaff or the South Rim, as there are no roads across the Canyon. The road in and out of the North Rim from Jacob Lake is pretty nice for road riding as well.

North Rim Mountain Bike Rides

  • Rainbow Rim Trail-The Rainbow Rim Trail is probably the best mountain bike ride on the North Rim. Because this trail is located in the Kaibab National Forest, not in Grand Canyon National Park, this route is open to bikes. This is the only mountain bike trail along the rim of the Grand Canyon.
  • Arizona Trail-The Arizona Trail traverses the Kaibab Plateau on National Forest lands affording mountain bikers an opportunity to explore this high plateau’s forests.
  • Point Sublime Road– This 2-track road eventually leads to some phenomenal overlooks of the Canyon, and also connects with the Kaibab National Forest road system. It is a little sandy in spots and goes for several miles before providing any access to views of the Canyon. The trip through the Kaibab Plateau forest is beautiful, however.