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Flagstaff weather

If you don't like the weather in Flagstaff, wait a few minutes…

Flagstaff’s weather is phenomenal for cycling! Riding weather is guaranteed for at least three seasons, spring, summer and fall, and we are often able to road ride through most of the winter.

Spring riding on trails is usually assured by late April. Although trails are often open earlier, we can get significant snow storms into May on occasion.

Late spring into mid-July is warm, dry and sometimes windy.

Starting mid-July, monsoon storms can make for interesting rides in the afternoons but tend towards moistening the trails to a perfect velcro-like tacky surface.

By late September, aspens are just beginning to change color and the afternoon thunderstorms have begun to subside. Fall riding is some of the best to be had here!

Winters can be very cold and snowy, but we frequently experience sunny days in the 50s. Road riding can be great this time of year in these conditions, but trails are usually too snowy to ride until spring after the first big snow storm.