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Extended Warranties Service Plan

Extended Warranties Service Plan

So you just spent a bunch of hard earned money on your dream ride. You intend to own this beauty for years and ride the wheels off it. So what happens when you do actually ride the wheels off? 

Most manufacturers’ warranties on components end after one year. (Some are a little longer, and some are actually shorter.) Once those warranties expire, if a part fails, the cost of the replacement part and labor to install it will come out of your pocket.

If you purchase an extended warranty/service plan through us, most component failures will be covered! Unlike extended warranties on most electronics and other “consumer goods”, we have found that riders who use their bikes frequently and purchase these extended warranties more than recoup their initial investment. We highly recommend this program to anyone who intends to use their bike frequently, or who just wants the added assurance that an extended warranty can provide.

The warranties we sell are supported by Velocare and can be supported by a network of bike shops throughout the country. The warranty also stays with the bike when you sell it, (you’ll need to transfer the ownership and we can help with that), so this can help your bike maintain more value if you sell it within the extended warranty period.

For details and full info on coverage, click here for Velocare’s website.